Listed: diesel cars banned in Delhi-NCR

The Supreme Court ruling is in: no cars with diesel engines bigger than 2000cc will be sold in Delhi-NCR till the end of March, next year. This decision comes in the wake of the National Green Tribunal asking for a blanket ban on oil-burners as people finally realise pollution levels in the capital have risen to alarming levels. Naturally, business is going to take a hit. Here's the full list of motors that have been outlawed...


The A7 Sportback is a diesel-only model, so that's out, as is the 45TDI variant of the Q5. The A8 L, with its six- and eight-cylinder diesels, will be affected as well, but the new Q7 - available with the six-pot diesel only - is bound to take the biggest hit, what with it being brand-new and one of Audi's most popular offerings.

Who's sniggering at the back? Is it you, XC90?