Little Big Man: Mahindra KUV100

I must confess, I don’t believe in crossovers. They may be big, bulky and some of them may even manage to look good, but most lack the charm and some lack the sheer ability of a bare-knuckled SUV. Don’t get me wrong, they work pretty well in the way they’re meant to, but in my mind, an SUV must be able to go off-road. And when I say off the road, I mean off. So it’s not much of a secret that I look at this new breed of compact super hatches being turned into SUV-lookalikes as total hogwash. These are essentially hatchbacks on a mild protein diet with lots of vitamin supplements. Wait, let me rephrase that. These are hatchbacks with a few millimetres of added ground clearance, which possibly makes them too tall for their own good, and are wrapped in excessive amounts of plastic cladding to make their chests look a bit hairy.

So imagine my surprise when the Ed decided to drop a line and tell me about Mahindra’s latest ‘SUV’ – the KUV100. To be fair, they’re only calling it a ‘young SUV’, whatever that means. So, does the one-double-O manage to be any different from the rest of its kind? You know, with it being woven from the same fibre as a great big line-up of SUVs, and simply belonging to the Mahindra family. In my mind, if there was one manufacturer that can afford to throw around nomenclature like that, it is Mahindra, and hopefully the KUV will manage to live up to its billing.

Words: Debabrata Sarkar; Photography: Himanshu Pandya