LR Range Rover: Steer Starboard

I have reached what looks like the end of the road. “Is this where I park?” I ask the gentleman in the Land Rover shirt. “No, this is where you start.”

I think I’ve heard him wrong. I can’t see what’s ahead because it’s a steep drop into what looks like the aftermath of possibly an asteroid attack or a few earth movers allowed to run amok after their operators had had one too many.

But this entire trip to the mystic country of Morocco has been full of surprises. Like this time our cab driver takes us to a shop that sells everything from spices to exotic herbs to medicines. A heavily accented “Welcome, my friend” greets us as we enter the shop on the narrow Marrakech lane. Among all the bits on display, having pride of place is a photograph of the owner with Transporter star Jason Statham. Naturally, I assume, he’s been there to pick up that magic Aregan oil which is reputedly good for hair loss? “No, my friend, he was here for Viagra.”

This is going to be an interesting trip.