LR Range Rover: Steer Starboard

Back in the new Range Rover, I tap on the hill descent button and start rolling down, desperately trying not to use the brake. The Range Rover descends like it has a mind of its own. Land Rover’s Terrain Response System contains predetermined programs integrated with the four-wheel drive system, which alters between various surface conditions – snow, grass, gravel etc.

I set it to ‘Rock Crawl’ as instructed by a guy perched on a boulder that seems to be the same size as the vehicle I’m in. More importantly, it’s dangerously close to the door. “Keep steering inputs to the minimum and keep it in the middle”. One last time, I try to reason with him about the whole exercise, but he just smiles. “You’ll meet my colleague ahead,” is all he says. All I can see is a mini gorge that I may have trouble walking over, let alone navigate in a Rs 2 crore luxury SUV.