LR Range Rover: Steer Starboard

The front number plate gets dislodged after we’re hit by a strong current, but our real problems are yet to come. At one point, just as we’re exiting into a gravel area, I hit a stone dislodged from its spot. Real hard. Result – puncture. But the gravel area isn’t flat enough to carry out a tyre change so we drive with a flat for a few more metres, including back in the waters. Honestly, in all the off-roading mess and the power being utilised cleverly by all wheels, you hardly notice any lag because of the flat.

Our green-shirted rescuers do a quick tyre change and it’s an uneventful 100 metres or so after that. Only after we rejoin the main road do we realise what a sight we must have been. There’s a crowd of people lining the roads wondering what’s wrong with us – we’ve driven through a river when a perfectly fine mountain road runs around it.