LR Range Rover: Steer Starboard

As we head up the hills, we reach a vantage point and see some more new Range Rovers snaking through the river below. And only then do we realise the sheer extent of what this proper sports-ute can do. Of course, it’s still the Rolls-Royce of SUVs on proper tarmac, with oodles of power, refinement, quality and ride comfort, but even in this more modern avatar, it hasn’t let go of its off-roading capability.

And the difference between a proper off-roader and the Range Rover is that you don’t need to be a serious off-roader to manage rough terrain. At its stiff price, it may not be the luxury SUV for even a large chunk of the well-to-do but it does make superlative off-roading available to those who can afford it. Which is what a proper off-roader is all about – the road may end but that shouldn't stop your journey.

(Words: Girish Karkera)