Madness of Goodwood

For those of you who are still alien to this motoring fest, I’ll try to explain the gigantic-ness of the FoS. Think of a huge music festival and multiply the intensity by ten. Replace the noise of the drums and the guitars with that of V8 and V12s. FoS is something close to that. Huge crowd, passionate participants, mental machines and loads of automotive activities is what Goodwood FoS basically is.

There’s no other motoring festival anywhere in the world that brings machines and the brave men behind the wheel from such varied backgrounds. You’ve got F1 cars, WRC cars, superbikes, drag bikes, Nascars, Indy racers, supercars and hypercars all lined up on the same grid, waiting to go up the same track and here for one common reason – the love for speed. FoS isn’t like an F1 race weekend, where a MotoGP fanatic will get bored. Or a Nascar race where a WRC fanatic will struggle to be entertained.

It’s got everything. New cars, race cars, classic cars and even pre-war race cars going up the famous hill to set a time. With all this diversity around, the atmosphere just gets so electric that it’s impossible to discribe in words.