Mahindra Arjun 8085: Farmville

Slotting it into first gear is no easy task – I need to push with all my might just to compress the clutch. Eventually, I do, then slowly depress the clutch and push the accelerator in. The tractor is standing still. I see the sales guy running towards me. His crash course in farming had missed one small detail.

Turns out, unlike a car, the tractor has two gear levers – the one on the right on the floor is used to select gears. The second, mounted on the steering column, selects forward or reverse. That’s a dozen different settings for forward gear and a dozen for reverse.

After one last outdoor theory class, I’m finally off into the fields. If driving an SUV makes you feel invincible, driving the 8085 will make you feel like the almighty himself – given the roar of the exhaust, high seating position, all-round visibility, and the ability to generally mow down anything in your way.