Mahindra Bolero Stinger on a Divine Quest

We had with us the Bolero Stinger, which is a modified Bolero with the external body shell cut off at the third row and, in this Stinger, a bench on the outside facing the rear. Other external additions include alloy wheels, custom LED tail-lamps and overhead amber indicator lamps. Inside, the upholstery is a combination of leather and suede, with customised door trim for map and bottle holders. It looked like a car made for adventure and that’s exactly what we had planned for it.

Picking up the car from Goa, we headed south to Gokarna in Karnataka, our first destination. The pearlescent-blue Stinger fitted perfectly here, with its beach-friendly design.

Gokarna is a well-known pilgrimage town populated not only by temples, it also sports a very unique beach, shaped like the Hindu Om symbol. You can imagine the kind of tourism that drives. The town is extremely friendly with a strong Hindu culture that’s open to the various foreign influences it gets from around the world. The hippie culture seems to thrive symbiotically with the locals, both of whom seem to be in mutual appreciation of each other.