Mahindra Bolero Stinger on a Divine Quest

Everything in Gokarna looks well maintained. There are no beggars in the temples, no shouting, pestering hawkers on the streets and some really good roads. Driving the Stinger through the narrow temple roads would normally be a test of patience, but the friendly locals gave way and helped with directions at every opportunity, making it a great experience. The drive to the Om beach is a windy uphill road, an excellent drive, especially with the view of the distant Kuddle beach. We looked for the next opportunity to go off the main road, on to a path that would get us closer to the beach. With the Stinger in hand, there was no reason not to.

That turned out to be the best decision we made in Gokarna, as the dirt track took us to a serene cliff with a breathtaking view of the ocean. It’s a sight you won’t get to see anywhere else; it’s a place that not many experience when visiting Gokarna.

Finding what we needed at our first destination, it was time to move on to another holy place. A place very different from what we had just witnessed. We were on our way to the Buddhist monasteries of Mundgod.