Mahindra Bolero Stinger on a Divine Quest

Now, Mundgod is known for a number of things, including a bird sanctuary and the Bachanaki dam, but the Tibetan settlement was what we were more interested in. Before entering the actual town of Mundgod, you come across numerous Tibetan structures and gates welcoming you into what seems to be an alternate civilisation. Unlike what you see in Dharamsala, the folks here are not as conversational or even enterprising with tourists. Language is a clear barrier, as a lot of the monks are not acquainted with English or Hindi. But that doesn’t stop them from being friendly or helpful.

The Stinger was a clear eye-catcher here. Heads turned wherever we drove, and when we stopped to ask for directions, we’d get asked about the car. And for a change, the questions were never about the mileage.

Again, we had the option to explore the various monasteries, or just drive around town, getting to know the locals and experiencing more than what a brochure would offer. Turned out, we made the right call. Despite not understanding each other’s spoken language, the general body language and wide smiles made for an interesting exchange between the monks and us. We had a hard time pulling ourselves away to retire for the night in the nearby town of Hubli.