Mahindra Bolero Stinger on a Divine Quest

Although there are enough of them in and around Hampi, these majestic rockscapes seem to be completely ignored by a majority of tourists, who are clearly there for the temples. The only passing reference comes in the form of the local rock-climbing activities that take place here. Villages seem to be built around these giant rocks that act as natural shields against harsh weather. We loved the secluded rock structures far better than the crowded tourist zones.

It’s unfair to blame tourists for not exploring what a basic tour offers them – for many, the unfamiliar territory can seem a bit too alien to get adventurous in. We, on the other hand, had the confidence of the Bolero Stinger on our side, which is what allowed us to do this ‘pilgrimage’ quite unlike how a pilgrimage is usually done.

(Words: Gagan Gupta, Photos: Nitin Rose)