Mahindra Centuro: Street Smart

It’s not every morning that the average Indian commuter wakes up to the sound of a peacock screaming in the distance, or to cool, crisp mountain air for that matter. But we’re here in the Himalayas, and in the next few minutes, we’re about to be introduced to the Mahindra Centuro.

The evening before, in a marketing briefing for the press, we’ve been told that Mahindra is taking a serious swing at the commuter motorcycle business with this 106.7cc Centuro, which follows up on the Pantero.

On the Centuro, buyers are being offered a bunch of first-time features, including a flip-key that can easily pass for the kind you get on cars these days. The flip-key’s fob even has three buttons like it does on car keys these days, but since there’s no real reason for lock, unlock and boot-lid release functions on a motorcycle, Mahindra chose three alternatives instead.