Mahindra Centuro: Street Smart

The first button works a small LED torchlight on the key in case you park in an ill-lit space and have trouble finding the ignition slot. The second activates the indicators so you can locate your bike if you forget where you parked. The third activates a beeper that could scare off anyone you see fiddling with the bike.

More importantly, embedded in the Centuro key is a 96-bit security code that is recognised only by the ignition that it’s mapped for. Pop any other key into the ignition and the engine immobiliser kicks in and sounds an alarm.

So anyway, we’re up nice and early to get a headstart on our photo shoot, and even in the very low light of early morning, we can’t miss that prominent styling feature – golden rib-like pipes under the fuel tank just behind the large headlamp unit. They don’t bowl us over completely, but they still gives the otherwise dated-looking motorcycle a distinctive edge.