Mahindra e2o: The Green Spree

It’s more than a hundred years since we’ve been driving cars propelled by internal combustion engines. Of course, people have been scouting for alternative fuel sources ever since. Especially over the last few decades, there have been several attempts to hunt for a way to run cars without burning fossil fuels, which our planet has a finite supply of. And so, the labs have churned out experimental cars running on everything from cooking oil to gases that no one’s ever heard of.

But only electric cars have come closest to mass production.

Electric cars are clocking in increasingly optimistic numbers across the world, but we Indians haven't really opened up to the idea. That, and the fact that we haven’t really had an affordable electric or hybrid vehicle so far is making this a bit of a chicken-and-egg. Sure, we've had the Reva and its updates since 2001, but they haven’t been flying off the shelves.