Mahindra e2o: The Green Spree

Power is sent to the rear wheels through an automatic transfer case. Even at full throttle, the motor emits merely a calm hum. Despite performance numbers that are nowhere close to a fossil-fuel car's, the e2o is brisk off the mark and puttering around town in it is a breeze.

The e2o’s lithium-ion battery weighs only 100kg (that's 150kg less than the Reva’s battery) and will go a good 85-90km on a single charge. If you cruise at a constant speed with the air-conditioning switched off, it’ll take you to the other side of 100km on that full charge. After 100km, it’ll take you just five hours to charge the battery again using a regular 15amp socket. And if you’re around any ‘Fast Charge’ units, that time comes down to just one hour.

Fast Charge units are essentially purpose-built charging points that the company has installed in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.