Mahindra e2o: The Green Spree

It has no hydraulic or electric assist for the steering, but trust me, it’s not as bad you would imagine. Since it has no engine in front, there’s no weight for you to steer with. Yes, at standstill there is some effort required but as you set off, you don’t miss that power assist. And when it comes to being agile around say, a market area, the ultra-short turning radius comes really handy.

The e2o has used the Hyundai i10 as a benchmark for ride and handling, and like the Hyundai, this little thing too soaks up bumps pretty nicely. The direct steering is quite accurate and there are no surprises in store for you there. What this thing surprises you with is the way it comes to a halt once you step on the brakes. It uses a combination of electric and mechanical braking to get to a dead stop in an amazingly short distance. It even charges the battery when you step off the throttle.