Mahindra e2o: The Green Spree

In keeping with its smart energy source, the e2o comes with an app for your phone. The app not only keeps tabs on the electronics and working temperature of the components, it also offers a list of things that you can do with the car remotely. You can lock/unlock the car remotely, switch on the air-con minutes before you enter the car and even set a convenient charging time.

With electric cars, there’s always the fear of running out of charge at a location that doesn’t have a charging point. But there’s a solution to that too. All you need to do is hit the REVive button on the app or the multimedia screen and you get an additional 8-10 per cent of charge (contained in the battery but not shown on the display), which will take you a few kilometres further. This is like having a reserve fuel tank on a conventional car.

Of course, after driving the car for a while you do start missing the note and the grunt that you get from an internal combustion engine. But once you’ve had a go behind the wheel of this thing, you unlearn everything that you’ve learnt over years of driving the conventional, and feel good about doing your bit against global warming. But being the true petrolheads that we are, we'll say one thing loud and clear – the e2o is nothing compared to a mighty V8. Just that when your V8 is cooling off in the garage, the e2o is what you need. As a runabout and as a balance for your conscience.

(Words: Agasti Kaulgi, Photos: Parag Parelkar)