Mahindra Scorpio 4x4 AT through Satpura

Early next morning, in near-freezing cold, we pushed ourselves to get to the safari on time, hoping to get at least a glimpse of a tiger in the wild. Fortunately, we were inside the Scorpio, and we could close the windows and raise the temperature till it was warm and cozy. We were definitely better off than the folks in the open safari vehicles, even if they had an arguably better view.

During the five-hour safari, we witnessed a variety of wildlife, including spotted deer, jackal, bison, and lots of langurs, which live in a perfectly symbiotic relationship with the deer. The jungle was a great sight early in the morning, especially around the lakes and watering holes. Towards the end of the trip, having enjoyed the drive inside the forest, we were moaning that we hadn’t had a tiger sighting. And then it happened... our forest official pointed to the road right behind us, while asking us to be quiet.