Mahindra Scorpio 4x4 AT through Satpura

A tigress walked on to the road and stood still, looking in our direction. Hoping that its next move would not be to lunge straight for us, we stood perfectly still. She looked back for a couple of seconds and continued ahead. A cub followed. Not a tiny cat-like baby, but somewhere in its teens in tiger years, briskly following the mother. And just when we thought we’d seen it all, another cub sprinted past. It’s a sight you don’t get to see often, and we had enough people in our team to capture it in photos as well as video. We had lucked out – we had a tiger sighting at a spot not well known for tiger sightings.

Back at our lodge, animatedly discussing our run-in with the stripes, we were telling the manager there was nothing else left to do there. The manager disagreed. “Let me take you around the villages,” he offered.