Mahindra SUVs: A Royal Holiday

Starting from Delhi, we head towards Alsisar, a quaint town in Jhunjhunu district. The drive is not too hectic and just around 300km. Delhi traffic is slow until you get out of city limits, but once you’re out, it’s smooth sailing. We reach Alsisar palace by lunch time and soak up the flavours of Rajasthan on the first day.

The next day’s drive is the longest of the expedition – 600km from Alsisar to Jaisalmer. Leaving the hotel, we choose a shorter route out of town. The path is just wide enough to take one car at a time and there’s no tarmac – just ruts and sand. But it is firm enough even for the 2WD XUVs to go over without getting cranky.

Heading towards Jaisalmer, the road gets straighter, sometimes arrow-straight as far as the eye can see. Traffic gets thinner and except for long convoys of army trucks, there are barely any other vehicles on it.