Mahindra SUVs: A Royal Holiday

Our convoy has seven XUVs, nine Scorpios and two Thars, plus the support cars. The XUVs and Scorpios are doing 110kph without breaking a sweat. The Thars just about manage to keep up – to be fair, they’re not built for speed, they’re built to take lots of abuse and go over anything that the terrain throws at them. Somewhere along the way, I exchange my Scorpio with a Thar, going from luxury to no-frills.

By the time we reach Jaisalmer, the sun’s gone down, and the night gets chilly. We wake up the next day to a lazy, cold morning. After a day of rest, and visiting the market and Jaisalmer fort, the convoy heads to Sam. Sam, located some 20km from the Pakistan border, has vast stretches of sand dunes. The XUVs, even the AWD ones, stay away from where the road ends. The Thars and the Scorpios are being readied for off-roading, with tyre pressure down to 20psi.