Mahindra Thar: Mud-wrestling

So the thing to do is to put the wheels over the rocks, not on either side of them. That way, you reduce the risk of scraping – and damaging – your mechanicals over them. As for driving through water, you need to keep the revs up to avoid water entering the exhaust. If you don’t have time for a two-day course, Mahindra also has a single-day programme that takes you through the basics.

By the end of the course, I am much better educated on the basics of driving through mud, rock and water. This purpose-built track is a safe way to try your hand at off-roading, especially when you know help is not too far away.

And for my friends and friends of friends: the road to your farmhouse may not really qualify as off-roading, but it’s a start. For a taste of the real thing, you know where to go.

(Words: Agasti Kaulgi, Photos: Rajeev Gaikwad)