Mahindra XUV 500: Blue Planet

Day 2: Franschhoek to Cape Town

Starting the day from the sleepy town of Franschhoek, we headed back in the Cape Town direction. But this time, we took a different route, running alongside the South African coast.

By lunchtime, we’d reached a fishing town called Hermanus, which is known for its whale-watching spots. Our timing was good. We happened to be in SA just when the Southern Right Whales come within a few feet of the shore, sometimes jumping over the water, sometimes flapping their tailfins in the air.

Having watched the marine heavyweights in their element, we returned to our heavyweight champ and continued through the twists and turns. Even after the XUV had been chucked through the curves for most part of the day, no one in the car felt sick. A testament to how well this car controls its two-tonne weight. On straights, the 140 horses make their presence felt from considerably low revs and it didn’t take us too long to hit the legal speed limit of 120kph.

By now, I had got some time to look around at passing traffic. South Africa has a lot of cars that are common on our roads, a few of them made in India, like the Tata Indica, the Nissan Micra and the Suzuki A-Star. By dusk, we were back in Cape Town and it was time to eat… some ostrich!