Mahindra XUV 500: Blue Planet

Day 3: Cape Town to Simon’s Town

The plan for the day was to reach the top of Table Mountain, which sits right in the middle of Cape Town, and then onward to our next night halt. Hitching a ride in a cable car, we reached the top of Table Mountain, arriving at a spectacular, picture-perfect view of the whole town and of Robben Island. The cold was in the uncomfortable zone and a slight drizzle meant just a jacket wasn’t going to suffice.

Anyway, after doing the tourist thing, we got back to the road, this time, to Simon’s Town, another quaint place by the sea. Unlike the northern part of SA, this region of the country is really safe and you can go for a drive or a walk at any time of the evening. The locals say the international media has exaggerated the whole crime scene, and that as long as you’re not irresponsible, you should be just fine.

Simon’s Town also happens to be a dockyard for South African navy ships, giant aircraft carriers and submarines, which come in for maintenance.

By the end of day three, we’d clocked about 450km and the tank was still only close to the halfway mark. That’s thanks to the constant speed that we could maintain because of the well-mannered traffic and the sixth gear, which ensured the revs stayed below the 2000 mark even at highway speeds.