Maruti Alto 800: Power to the people

The platform stays the same, so changing major dimensions inside was out of the question. Wheelbase is the same, but Maruti claims better legroom at the back thanks to scoops in the back of the front seats. More legroom or not, there’s no denying that space is still at a premium in the back of an Alto. However, there’s noticeably more headroom thanks to the cabin’s increased height. Bootspace isn’t too bad either and is enough for one large bag.

The bigger change is the new fascia. The old conventional dashboard is replaced by a curvier, more modern-looking dash. In our top-end LXi variant, it was finished in grey-and-black. The centre vents rising out the dashboard look nice. Surprisingly, the plastics don’t feel too cheap for the potential price you’ll pay. And if you look close, you’ll see some old Alto bits like the aircon controls.

Only the front windows are powered and the buttons have moved down to behind the gear lever from their usual place on the door pads.