Maruti Alto 800: Power to the people

Grip levels aren’t great thanks to those puny efficiency-oriented tyres and you’ll often find the car understeering early. A tyre upgrade will do it good and will also improve braking efficiency. Brake feel also could have been better. But we’re talking from an enthusiast’s point of view. The Alto may not be the best in the dynamics department, and it may not bring a smile to your face, but it does the job without apprehensions and that’s what matters to the general public.

And Maruti has always had a keen finger on the pulse of the market. Sure, the looks may not appeal to everyone, but if you look at certain other cars in the market, looks don’t seem to matter that much. The new Alto 800 isn’t an enthusiast’s delight, but see, it doesn’t need to be. It needs to be cheap, reliable and fuel-efficient. And the Alto 800 is just that.

Fuel subsidy or not, the Alto 800 will not hurt your wallet like the others. And if you’re really keen on cutting costs, there will also be a factory-fit CNG option. Prices range from Rs 2.99 lakh (LXi) to Rs 3.56 lakh (top of the range), both ex-showroom, Delhi.