Maruti Alto 800: Power to the people

There are three variants – Std, LX and LXi. The base variant doesn’t get any frills. The LX adds air-conditioning, LXi gets front power windows and wheel caps. We have to commend Maruti for the optional airbag. ABS would have been nice too. So, is the Alto 800 a good buy? Yes, it’s much improved over the older car especially the interior. It drives well enough and is as efficient and reliable as Japanese rail service.

It may not be the quickest runabout, but then again, you can always go buy the K10, which also looks a darn sight better. If economical transportation is your only criterion, the Alto 800 makes a great case for itself. But if you want a more complete experience, go pick up a K10 and you’ll be pretty happy.

(Words: Manish Sarser, Photos: Himanshu Pandya)