Marvels of Mumbai

Over the years, the number of people travelling to Mumbai has grown substantially, but it’s more than just job opportunities that draw people to this great city. There are a number of iconic landmarks in the city that define the very character of Mumbai. Some of these landmarks are iconic structures which pay homage to not only the city, but the entire nation’s illustrious past, while some are breathtaking modern marvels that were constructed with the sole intention of brightening the future of the city with a touch of leisure. All of these landmarks are in some way tied to the city’s diverse culture, rich heritage, independence and overall progress. We visit seven of Mumbai’s wonders while exploring the capabilities of a remarkable car whose strength, like the sundry marvel of a metropolis itself, lies in its ability to adapt to modern times while maintaining high-valued customary traditions – the Volkswagen Ameo TDI automatic DSG.