Maserati Quattroporte driven in France

Motoring journalists are difficult company. In this part of the world, at least, when they get together, all they do is discuss the previous weekend’s Grand Prix, or make of fun of a person who isn’t around. If you’re dating a motoring journalist, your conversation will be something like this:

Normal Girl: My dad got a new car that had the same seven automatic gears like the car you showed me the other day.
Motoring Journalist: Aha, but that car had a seven-speed dual clutch with a rear-mounted transmission.
NG: But aren’t those seven gears too?
MJ: Yeah, but the dual clutch system means there are two clutches. One for the odd gears, the other…
NG: (gets up and leaves)

And universally, we’ll always tell you that the best car in the world is the Ferrari 458 or the BMW 3 series. But more than half the world buys a Toyota Corolla, a car us motoring journo types love to hate. Which does make me question our role in the grand scheme of things. And I was questioning myself about the same on a very cold, wet morning in Nice, France, inside the all-new sixth-generation Maserati Quattroporte.