Maserati Quattroporte driven in France

Compared to the old car, the new one is longer, uses a lot of aluminium, is lighter by a 100 kilos, has a smaller engine, is powered by turbos, makes almost 100bhp more and is quicker than the current fifth-generation model in every way. In fact, at 307kph, the new Quatttroporte is the fastest de-limited sedan in the world. The old QP was a car that had a passenger cabin built around the car. The new Quattroporte is a car made around the passenger cabin. That is so un-Maserati. The old car was essentially a supercar in which they managed to fit in rear seats, rear doors and a boot. Which is why the boot was small and the rear seats weren’t any more spacious than those in an old 3 series.

In the new Quattroporte, the rear has room for you to properly stretch your legs, and if you go for the three-seat option, you can have that third person in the centre seat. Then, instead of the conjured-up-at-the-last-minute media interface, the new QP has a big screen with a straightforward touch operation. And instead of that old key with the cheaply finished blue plastic, the new car’s key looks like it opens something special. I love Maseratis. But it has been difficult to justify their lack of attention to detail. The new Quattroporte, though, is all details.