Maserati Quattroporte driven in France

To Maserati’s credit, they haven’t totally subdued the Quattroporte for the sake of numbers. It’s still got great styling elements: those three vents on the fenders, that triangular C-pillar with the Trident logo and frameless windows in the front and rear doors. But the headlights could have been subtler – they look so Infiniti or Lexus-ish – and the tail-lights could have continued as vertical units instead of these generic horizontal ones that everyone from Audi to Hyundai uses.

Again to Maserati’s credit, the car retains an edge over German luxury limos in terms of driver engagement and handling. But the company is extremely clear on its pursuit of comfort and space along with the fun. The Quattroporte has the character. In the long run, we hope the character is without flaws. And just maybe, the new Ghibli, which will arrive later in 2013, might cater to the driving enthusiast.