McLaren P1: more pics leak online

Remember, Macca left the bar pretty darn high. Even though the F1's an ancient twentysomething, it went 390.99kph, breaking the production car speed record with ease...

It was conceived by F1 designer Gordon Murray, who convinced McLaren Chairman, Ron Dennis, to build the quickest road car in the world. And it remains among the fastest moving things on the planet.

Buying into those sort of bragging rights came at a price, though. When it launched in 1993 it cost Rs 4.40 crore, but you did pretty well from the deal - the engine bay was lined with 16 grams of gold for heat reflection, there was a completely new and unique six-speed gearbox because nothing else could cope with the BMW V12's 618hp power, it got from 0-100 in 3.2 seconds, and it was the first ever carbon fibre-bodied car.

That said, you were a bit short-changed by the driver aids. There was no ABS, no traction control, no nothing. All you got were four unassisted four-pot aluminium brakes and some bespoke tyres.