McLaren P1 vs Veyron vs Huayra vs One-77 vs Venom

Is the McLaren P1 better than a Bugatti Veyron? Better than a Pagani Huayra? Better than an Aston Martin One-77? TopGear has the answer…

Statistics can be engineered to lie. Or, if not lie exactly, twist themselves into interesting shapes designed to confuse. Which means that bald statistics will only ever tell part of a story. The other part is generally subjective, and that comes under huge pressure from entirely unscientific factors like taste and preference. Stuff you can’t measure with a micrometer and struggle to get right even with the biggest focus group.

Styling is mostly subjective, so we’re going to sidestep the complication of which hypercar looks best and leave you to your own devices to figure that one out. When you have several hundred thousand quid to spend on a car, you probably know your own mind as far as stuff like that is concerned.