McLaren reveals 12C GT Sprint

At this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, you will be able to witness what a limited edition, GT3-inspired McLaren 12C will look like. For those not in attendance, it will look almost exactly like the car in the picture above.

It's called the McLaren 12C ‘GT Sprint', and exists because McLaren has found a gap between the regular 12C road-car, and the hardcore, bewinged GT3 racer. It's a track-only special, and features a few bits its GT3 brother would be proud of. Or punch it in the stomach and warn it to stop ‘stealing its stuff'.

The MonoCell chassis and 3.8-litre twin-turbo engine remain the same, so you're still poking a V8 with 616bhp and 600Nm of torque, but in the GT Sprint, that engine is treated to a unique oil and cooling system featuring the GT3's front radiator.

Then there's a 40mm lower ride height and Pirelli racing slicks on 19in OZ wheels, matched to recalibrated suspension to provide "a firmer and more circuit orientated setup". Three damping, ESP and roll stiffness modes are available, corresponding to the likelihood of going from driving-god to oh-dear-that's-not-gone-well.

McLaren has fitted a more aggressive front bumper, a GT3-inspired bonnet with radiator and exit ducts and front wing louvres, a carbon fibre rear wing and front splitter, polycarbonate windscreen and carbon ceramic brake discs. Step inside, and you'll find an FIA-approved roll cage (with an integrated fire extinguisher), a fully adjustable lightweight composite racing seat and six point harness, a carbonfibre dash, and even a lightweight air-conditioning system. Air-con superleggera, if you must.

As mentioned, it'll cost more than a 12C Spider - and an initial batch of 20 cars will be delivered later this year. Want one?