Meet the maddest GT6 concepts

6.6 crore kilometres raced online and 70,000 million units sold over the course of 15 years. And this is how Kazunori Yamauchi likes to celebrate. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Vision GTs from Gran Turismo 6.

Kazunori, of course, is the creator of the legendary PlayStation racing title, and for the 15th anniversary and sixth iteration of GT - a game featuring 33 tracks and over 1200 cars - he sounded the concept klaxon and marshalled the world's carmakers to come up with lairy creations to include in the new game.

We've already seen the deliciously evil Vision Gran Turismo concept - not at all how the upcoming 'C170' Merc will look, sadly - that Mercedes decided to build for real. Incidentally, that car was showcased at this year's Los Angeles Motor Show, where we caught up with Kazunori who told us GT7 is already on the menu for 2014...

Then there's the Red Bull X2014, a car conceived by RB's F1 design ace Adrian Newey as a successor to the X1 a few years back; a car designed to be the fastest thing in this and many other universes.

And now Aston, Alfa, Ford, BMW and many more have weighed in with their wildest concept creations too, and you can see the lot in our Happy Gallery Of Slightly Imaginary Brilliance.

Have a flick through these images and tell us which one you're most looking forward to...

(Words: Vijay Pattni)

Pictured: BMW Vision Gran Turismo