Mercedes A-Class vs BMW 1 Series

The IPL, aka Indian Premier League, is one big party. Sure, it has its share of vices – match-fixing, drugs, scantily-clad cheerleaders (okay, that’s not really a vice…), greedy old men trying to govern it, etc – but is has done one good thing.

It has renewed interest in the sport among a larger section of the population, by presenting it in a young, vibrant format that cricket wasn’t really known for all along. It also got more people back into the stadiums. Pretty much like what many upmarket car companies are trying to do to make their cars reach a wider, younger audience.

A few years ago, we would have balked at the idea of a small Merc hatchback. It would have been considered too expensive for a car, and with a body style so synonymous with budget cars in India, how would a luxury carmaker have pulled it off? Well, circa 2013, we are in a very different India.