Mercedes A-Class vs BMW 1 Series

This is a real close call. Two luxury hatchbacks with sorted dynamics and loads of muscle under the skin – and offering two totally different driving styles. The 1 series is the pick for outright performance. You can’t really find any flaws on that count. The engine is smooth, performance is worthy of a swish luxury car and as a bonus, this Beemer’s ride  is comfortable. The chinks appear once you get inside and are greeted by a relatively dour interior that has nothing exotic. All the goodies are optional fitment, and you can end up with a price tag as high as Rs 37 lakh on-road in this Sport Plus spec.

Which is where the A-Class starts making more sense. It is less of a hooligan drive, has a luxurious interior to complement the one-of-its-kind exterior, has proper high-speed dynamics to boast and way cheaper. It’s a bit like the IPL. Gimmicky, but a proposition you can’t ignore.

(Words: Girish Karkera, Photos: Somdutta Nhawkar)