Mercedes A-Class vs BMW 1 Series

BMW 1 Series
Engine: 1,598cc, 143bhp, 320Nm, 8A
Dimensions: 4,324 x 1,765 x 1,421mm (L x W x H)
Wheelbase: 2,690mm
Tyre: 225/45 R17
Weight: 1,350kg
Turning Dia.: 10.9m
Boot: 360L
Fuel tank: 52L
0-100kph: 8.91sec
80-0kph: 23.66m
30-50kph: 1.56sec
50-70kph: 2.13sec
Top speed: 212kph
Mileage: City - 13.3kpl, Highway - 16.5kpl
Range: 775km
Price: Rs 37 lakh

Pros: Powerful engine, super efficient gearbox, better ride, quieter cabin
Cons: Dour interior, most goodies are only optional fitment, expensive

Rating: 7/10

Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Engine: 2,143cc, 107bhp, 250Nm, 7A
Dimensions: 4,292mm, 1,780mm, 1,433mm (L x W x H)
Wheelbase: 2,699mm
Tyre: 225/45 R17
Weight: 1,505kg
Turning Dia.: 11m
Boot: 341L
Fuel tank: 50L
0-100kph: 9.99sec
80-0kph: 26.81m
30-50kph: 1.84sec
50-70kph: 2.64sec
Top speed: 190kph
Mileage: City - 11.9kpl, Highway - 16.1kpl
Range: 700km
Price: Rs 29 lakh

Pros: Fantastic looks, better interior, confident handling, cheaper to buy
Cons: Firm ride, not as quick as the 1 series, equipment list

Rating: 7/10