Mercedes announces electric SLS

Underneath the familial bodywork, the ‘leccy SLS has a special driveline of four synchronous electric motors driving each individual wheel, giving it permanent four-wheel drive. The four motors, which weigh 45kg apiece, whisk up a total of 740bhp and 1001Nm of torque. That's 177bhp and 351Nm (THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY ONE!) more than the 6.2-litre fossil burner.

To put the power down MB's given the ED two separate gearboxes that power each axle directly. Alongside it, there's a fancy AMG Torque Dynamics system that selects which wheels need the most drive depending on traction. Along with the monstrous motors, this means it'll squirm from 0-100kph in 3.9 seconds (0.1 seconds slower than the V8).