Mercedes-Benz GL 350 CDI: SUV of the Year

So, when it comes to Sport Utility Vehicles, what exactly are our parameters for SUV of the Year, you ask? Well, apart from being capable of tackling anything an urban-bound commuter would encounter on a daily basis, it also has to be good for the occasional, off-road escapade, where it needs to deliver on shaky ground without any fuss. And this year, after our shortlist of contenders were put through a range of challenges, the Mercedes-Benz GL 350 CDI emerged with the highest score, with a package that includes ease of driving, creature comforts, functionality and road presence.

The 2013 GL 350 CDI is bigger, lighter, better looking, and – since the burly Merc is now being assembled in India – also much more affordable than the earlier GL. Now, under normal circumstances, you would associate a vehicle with the Mercedes badge with finesse, class and poise. And the GL SUV is all of that, and then some.