Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG: power to weight

When Mercedes hands over one of its cars to its pals over at the AMG division, the outcome is usually a spicy, delectable treat. But when its SUVs are given the AMG treatment, results aren’t always as expected. There’s no doubt about the AMG SUVs being blindingly quick, if not the quickest, but what they lose out on in this transition is the sheer ability to manage all that power, and be as confident going into corners as they are devouring straights. Classic examples being the G63 AMG and the GL63 AMG – both with mind-boggling power figures, and both developing cold feet the moment you show them a series of bends. And that’s where the ML63 stands out. It’s not only about power and uncontrollable aggression. It will take steering orders from you and get the job done as asked, but not without a hint of aversion.