Mercedes C-Class? S, Please!

Some say the French Riviera is the most beautiful place in the world. The Mediterranean Sea, with its calm, saturated-blue waters, draws the wealthy of the world to its shores. I’m just done driving a brand-new Mercedes and my hotel room overlooks the sea, beautiful handcrafted sailboats docked in front of the hotel in Marseille, France.

The European design and style aesthetic has always been something of a benchmark; for evidence, you only need to look at the average European city, its architecture, its fashions. But since you didn’t pick up a copy of TopGear to learn about boats, the sea or beautiful French women, let’s talk cars.

Specifically, the new Mercedes C-Class. If you mistook it for the new S-Class, you’d be forgiven. Because just before entering the studio to design the new C, the last car they seem to have looked at is the S-Class. Hence the similarities.