Mercedes E-Class: Anti-ageing formula

Sometimes, for some products, there’s one brand that is almost a synonym for that product. Like in India, Bisleri for mineral water or Cadbury for chocolate. And when we hear the term ‘luxury car’, for most of us, the first image that comes to mind is the three-point star. Mercedes-Benz has been in business in India for about 17 years, but following the arrival of the other Germans in that space, Mercedes has had to raise the bar.

And that brings us to the new E-Class. The E has always been the most popular Merc in India. Since the 1990s, the W123 and W124 models have had an army of admirers in India – both models  are popular in the used car market even today. All in all, 23,000 people have bought the E in India since the model was launched in 1996.

The new E-Class is not an all-new car. What’s new is the styling. From up front, it’s almost impossible to tell this is the same E under the skin. The twin quad headlamps have been ditched for large single-unit ones. The daytime running LEDs have been moved up from the bumper and are now integrated into the headlamps.