Mercedes E63 AMG vs BMW M5

Engine: 4,395cc V8 turbopetrol
Power: 552bhp at 6000-7000rpm
Torque: 680Nm at 1500-5750rpm
Transmission: 7A, RWD
Weight: 1,945kg
Fuel capacity: 80 litres
Price (ex-Mumbai): Rs1.29 crore

TG Performance test
0-100kph: 4.98sec
30-50kph: 1.13sec
50-70kph: 1.31sec
80-0kph: 27.65mtr, 2.28sec
Fuel efficiency: 5kpl

Pros: Ride quality, handling, ability to carry speed through bends, practicality and space
Cons: Intrusive computers, complicated settings, boomy engine note

The verdict
Cold, clinical and not a perfect driver’s delight. But is competent, thorough and better at the job.

Rating: 7/10

Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG
Engine: 5,461cc V8 turbopetrol
Power: 550bhp at 5500rpm
Torque: 720Nm at 1750-5250rpm
Transmission: 7A, RWD
Weight: 1,845kg
Fuel capacity: 66 litres
Price (ex-Mumbai): Rs1.35 crore

TG Performance test
0-100kph: 5.07sec
30-50kph: 1.25sec
50-70kph: 1.35sec
80-0kph: 24.99mtr, 2.46sec
Fuel efficiency: 6kpl

Pros: Looks, lightness, steering feel, exhaust note, better start-stop system, more drama, practicality and space
Cons: Uncomfortable ride, roll around corners, complicated launch control system

The verdict
The car with more drama and humour. Let down by ride quality and roll around corners.

Rating: 6/10