Mercedes GL 63 AMG: driving the monster

Films and cars have a lot in common. Some films aim to be as realistic as possible, and put their characters through situations that are very likely to happen to you and me. And then there are sci-fi films, which specialise in the surreal, the out-of-proportion, the fantastic. Usually, a science experiment goes wrong and the boy-next-door turns into a superhero or supervillain (depending on who’s playing him).

Cars can be like this too. With Mercedes, it’s the town of Affalterbach, located in Baden-Württemberg in Southern Germany. Affalterbach is home to AMG, a Mercedes-Benz division, whose primary mission is to transform garden variety Mercs into monsters. Once the metamorphosis is complete, they stick an AMG badge at the rear.

Affalterbach has been sending these monster Mercs to India for a while now, in the form of the G63, the E63, and the SLK55, to name a few. And now, it’s bringing a new trick to the party. And it’s a beast all right, with enough muscle to scare the daylights out of you. This is the GL63 AMG.