Mercedes S500L: Peering into a crystal ball

"At Rs 20 lakh, the new-generation Hyundai i20 is decently priced. It continues being the best entry-level premium hatch with a good mix of comfort, dynamics and equipment. However, it misses out on some key features. It doesn’t get radar-equipped braking, the swing-foot-open-boot feature and 360-degree or night-vision camera. Stuff that a premium hatch should be getting these days. Yet, with 12 airbags, a reversing camera with helicopter view and the ability to go much further on every ounce of hydrogen, you won’t regret getting one.”

If automobile reviews survive, this is what the review of a Hyundai i20 in 2064 may read like. By which time, the Mercedes S-Class will require you to get clearances from the Coast Guard and Air Traffic Control because – in all probability – that car might be able to hover over water and fly, besides being a road car. For now, though, the S-Class continues with its Hitler-like obsession with power, a Gandhi-like obsession with using it non-violently, and a Mallya-like obsession for the good life.