Mini Cooper S: Adult entertainer

Growing up is rarely ever a picnic. Because for most of us, it invariably involves getting serious about life, picking a career path and sticking to it, planning for the future… things that most of us would rather ignore until the gun shows up next to your head.

And then there’s the Mini, which seems to love growing up. The Mini is that happy-go-lucky kid who got all the girls in high school, and along the way, in a sort of natural progression, became a complete man – and still gets all the girls. The Mini’s growing up has happened over 55 long but extremely chilled out years. Ladies and gentleman – the new Mini Cooper S.

But wait. In the process of growing up, has it forgotten how to play? To have fun? To take corners like no other hatch can even think of? To find out, we take a 20-hour flight halfway around the world, to Puerto Rico, where Mini has lined up a few, well, Minis for us to have a go in.