Mini Cooper S goes Mandapam to Dhanushkodi

We’ve been on the road almost seven hours now. And in that time, all we’ve done is some real hard driving.

Scientists say the human brain is programmed to be patient for exactly seven minutes. So, you can wait in a ticket queue for seven minutes – after that, your brain starts sending you messages that maybe, just maybe, the wait will now be endless. You tend to get fidgety, and irritated at the slightest nudge from the person standing behind you. You start contemplating; maybe you should break the queue, or you notice the line next to yours is moving faster.

Strangely, in this case, it’s seven hours before our brain starts to send us those signals. And we aren’t standing in any kind of queue. On the contrary, we are sitting in what is easily one of the most fun cars on the roads today, the Mini Cooper S. On paper, it’s a 500km drive from Chennai to Rameshwaram. Doesn’t sound like much, 500km, but on this drive, with the road healthy in some places, broken in others, it feels like a lot longer.

And we realise now we also wouldn’t have made it this far, in such little time, in any other car – this thing is extremely quick, and extremely chuckable.