Mini Cooper S goes Mandapam to Dhanushkodi

In Cooper S guise, the Mini is a striking machine. Purists may have had a problem when BMW turned the original Mini upside down, or rather, blew up its proportions, but we can tell you it is still one mischievous brat. And a big one at that. Cute too. The large bulbous eyes, the solid stance and that hint of a classic Mini’s silhouette all make the car as inconspicuous on the road as Katrina Kaif riding a horse to work. It’s a perky machine and its biggest assets are its sharp handling and a powertrain that can pursue the horizon relentlessly.

Seven hours and 500km after we started from Chennai, we reach Mandapam in the state of Tamil Nadu, the start of our supposedly epic route. The last time we came here, it was in a Land Rover Discovery. But this time, the idea was to reach the farthest tip of the Indian peninsula – Dhanushkodi, which within Indian boundaries, is also the closest point to Sri Lanka. It wasn’t about reaching the point where the ocean laps at the shore. This was about the road leading to that point.